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    The days of circling the parking lot are over. You can get the best possible value at Toronto Pearson International Airport if you reserve your parking online. You can also book a Car Care appointment in addition to your parking reservation today!

    Please note: When making online parking reservations, Google Chrome works best.

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    • Which credit cards can I use to pay for my booking?

      You can pay for your booking by American Express®, Visa©, or Master Card® credit card. We do not accept Visa Debit cards. You can also pay using Visa© and MasterCard® gift cards that contain a security code at the back of the card.

    • How do I change a booking?

      You may change your booking online. Passengers may amend their booking at least 1 day prior to arrival. For example, an arrival for tomorrow can be amended today as long as it is 1 hour in advance.

      For same day changes, passengers must call 416-776-5157 during regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

    • How do I cancel a booking?

      For cancellations made with more than 24 hours’ notice:

      • You may cancel your Booking online, for any reason, at any time up to 24 hours prior to the start of the Booking Period.
      • You can cancel your Booking through our website by selecting “Manage My Bookings” and choosing the relevant options.
      • The Greater Toronto Airports Authority will refund your prepaid parking charges.

      For cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice:

      For a cancellation made less than 24 hours before the start of your Booking Period, please contact Customer Service at 416-776-5157 for a refund. A cancellation fee of $33.00 will apply to Bookings for the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Daily Park Garages, $25.00 for Bookings for the Value Park Garage, $65 for Valet Care Bookings, $35 for Park and Ride Promotion Bookings, $20 for Viscount Station Reserved Lot Bookings, $33 for Preferred Park Bookings and $50 for Express Valet Bookings and $20 for the Value Park Lot.

    • When will I receive my refund?

      Refunds can take two to three business days to appear on your credit card. If you do not see the refund after three days, please contact your credit card company to verify that the transaction has been processed. If your credit card company has not received the refund, please contact Customer Service at (416) 776-5157.

    • Are there charging stations for my electric vehicle available for booking?

      Yes, currently electric vehicle charging stations are available through Valet Care in the Terminal 1 parking garage, Terminal 1 Express Park and Terminal 3 Daily Park Garage.

    • Can I book an accessible space?

      Our parking facilities include accessible spaces for use by mobility permit holders, but unfortunately we cannot accept bookings specifically for accessible parking spaces. If you have any particular requirements, please contact us at (416) 776-5157. Valet Care service is also available via curbside drive-up on the departures level and through online reservations.

    • What vehicles are allowed in the parking facilities?

      Please note the height and size restrictions of the parking facility you have selected. You are not entitled to a refund if your vehicle exceeds the size or height limits. Please contact us if you wish to check whether your vehicle fits within our specifications or verify on our parking pages.

    • What happens if I arrive before or leave after the time I booked?

      There is a one-hour grace period that allows drivers to arrive within one hour of their reservation’s start or end time, giving you flexibility for an early arrival or late landing. Outside of that hour, the additional charge for time used outside of your reservation will be added to your final bill. Remember to give yourself extra time when dropping off and picking up your vehicle to avoid unexpected costs.

      If you stay for a shorter period than your booking period, you may be entitled to a refund for the time not used. Please contact Customer Service at (416) 776-5157 to determine if you qualify.

    • How do I enter the parking facility?

      Please follow the instructions included in the reservation confirmation email carefully. Your booking is valid only in the parking facility that you specified in your booking.

      • Bring a copy (digital or printed) of your reservation confirmation email with the barcode to enter the parking facility. When you arrive at your selected parking facility, do not take a ticket from the barrier gate at the entry. Scan the barcode on your reservation confirmation email at the entry barrier gate to the parking facility. Once the gate opens, proceed to any vacant parking space located within the garage in Terminal 1, Terminal 3, the Value Park Garage, or the Value Park Lot.
      • If the barrier gate does not open, please press the assistance button for a 24/7 Customer Service agent. Please provide the agent with your reservation number to obtain a manually printed ticket from the entry gate.
      • If you choose to use the digital version of your Reservation Confirmation Email (for example, using your smartphone) you will need it to scan in and out of the parking facility and when interacting with customer service agents, if necessary. If you choose to use a printed copy of your Reservation Confirmation Email, please keep it in your vehicle as you will need it to exit the Parking Facility and please keep it in your glove box or place that is not readable from outside your vehicle.
    • How do I exit from the parking facility?

      To exit the parking garage:

      • Drive to the exit.
      • Scan the barcode on your reservation confirmation email at the exit barrier gate of the parking facility.
      • If your stay is within the period of time you have booked the gate arm will open and you may exit. If your stay exceeds the booking period you will be required to pay the additional parking charges in order for the gate to open.
      • Additional charges are based on the posted rates specified at the entry of the parking facility.
      • If the barrier gate does not open, please press the Assistance button for a 24/7 Customer Service agent and provide your reservations number for further assistance.
    • How do I use my Toronto Pearson promo code when making a booking?
      • In the Parking Quick Quote section of the "Get My Quote" page, enter your promo code in the "Promotion Code" field and click the "Get My Quote" button.
      • The online prices on the Availability page will present your preferred rate.
      • Click "Reserve Now" to complete your booking at the preferred rate.
    • Can I use a parking voucher?

      Promotional parking vouchers, if applicable, can be used against additional parking charges due to your stay exceeding your booking period. They cannot be used for the booking itself. To use a parking voucher against your remaining balance:

      • Drive to the exit.
      • Scan the barcode on your reservation confirmation email at the exit barrier gate of the parking facility.
      • If your stay is within the period of time you booked, the gate arm will open and you may exit.
      • If your stay exceeds the period of time you booked, you will be required to pay the additional parking charges. If you have a promotional parking voucher, scan it at the barrier gate to receive your discount. You will be required to pay the remaining balance in order for the gate to open.

      Additional charges are based on the posted rates specified at the entry of the parking facility.


    • How do I contact someone about Parking Reservations?

       Online: Parkingreservations@gtaa.com

      By Phone: (416) 776-5157 

      By Mail:
      Parking & Ground Transportation
      c/o Parking Reservations
      Toronto Pearson International Airport
      P.O. Box 6031, 3111 Convair Drive
      Toronto AMF, Ontario, Canada
      L5P 1B2

    • Can I book a reservation if I’m using the Valet Care service?

      Yes! Valet Care is now available through online reservations. Upon arrival, please bring (printed or digital) copy of your reservation when you check in with our Valet Care agents at the departures curb. More information is available at torontopearson.com/valet_care.

    • Can I use the Car Care detailing service if I have booked a parking reservation?

      Yes, you can use the Car Care service. Car Care service is now available as an add-on when you reserve online. More information on our packages is available at torontopearson.com/en/toandfrom/parking/car_care_service. Car Care service is also available when you drive-in and drop off at Valet Care or Terminal 1 Daily Park Garage. Last minute bookings cannot be guaranteed, so we encourage you to reserve online in advance.

    • What browsers are recommended to book a reservation?

      Recommended browsers are Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

    • What is the maximum number of days for a parking reservation?

      The maximum a booking can be made for is 29 days. If you would like to reserve for more than 29 days, please contact our Parking Reservation Specialists by phone (416) 776-5157 or by email at parkingreservations@gtaa.com to make special arrangements.

    • What’s the earliest I can book a reservation?

      You can book your parking reservation from 1 year in advance of your trip up to 1 hour prior to your arrival time.

    • Why do the dates I choose not appear as available?

      We have limited spaces available for parking reservations; bookings are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you select a date and it does not appear, we have reached our maximum capacity for reservations for those dates. However, there may still be non-reservable spots in our garages. Remember to book early in advance of your travel to make sure you get the spot you want!


    The following garages offer
    parking reservations:

    Terminal 1
    Terminal 1 Daily Park
    Terminal 3
    Terminal 3 Daily Park

    Accessible by Terminal
    Link train:
    Value Park Garage

    Viscount Station Reserved Lot

    Value Park Lot