• GTAA Noise Management

    Our Noise Management Office monitors noise and noise abatement procedures at Toronto Pearson. In addition to receiving, analyzing, and responding to complaints from the public, the GTAA reviews, recommends and implements changes to our noise policies.

    Noise Monitoring Terminal Locations Map 2014

    Community Environment & Noise Advisory Committee - New

    The Community Environment & Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) provides a forum where the public can openly discuss and ask questions about noise-related issues at Toronto Pearson. The September 27, 2017 meeting will be dedicated to the release of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority’s Noise Benchmarking and Best Practices Study.

    The meeting will be held at the Toronto Congress Centre, The Cohen Room, 650 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1J1 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Register to attend the September 27 meeting.  

    Please note: The meeting will be live streamed and recorded for those who cannot attend in person. Anyone interested in participating in the question and answer period should attend in person as the livestream will not provide that feature.

    Noise Management Program Benchmarking and Best Practices Study - New

    In 2016, the GTAA hired UK aviation consultant Helios to undertake a Noise Management Benchmarking and Best Practices study. The study looked at 11 areas of noise management at 26 comparator airports around the world to identify potential new noise management initiatives that could be adopted at Toronto Pearson.

    The report’s findings will be used to update the 5-Year Noise Management Action Plan, which will be released in early 2018.

    The full report will be released on September 27, 2017.

    Public Consultation - New

    At Toronto Pearson we understand that the increasing demand for air travel presents benefits and challenges for our surrounding communities. In recognition of this, over the next six months, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is reaching out to community members in various ways. Find out more at www.torontopearson.com/community.

    Noise Office Advisories

    The Toronto Pearson Noise Management Office periodically publishes advisories and notices for resident awareness of airfield construction, airport activities, and engagement opportunities that could have an impact on normal airport traffic operations and aircraft noise impacts on the community. Learn more here.


    New WebTrak is an online tool that provides near-real time and historical flight data so community members can investigate aircraft operations from any computer with internet access. WebTrak makes it easy for our neighbours and others to see what’s overhead and convenient to submit a noise complaint. It’s also available 24/7.

    The GTAA Enforcement Office

    The Enforcement Office takes preventive actions and recommends assessment of penalties for potential noise violations. Although noise management at the airport is the responsibility of the GTAA, enforcement of penalties is the job of Civil Aviation at Transport Canada.