• Community Relations

    Toronto Pearson is Canada’s front door, an important economic enabler for our region, and a neighbour to the communities that surround us. Perhaps more than any other service or business, an airport is a reflection of the community that surrounds it; if the community is thriving, so too is the airport. Toronto Pearson is growing because our communities are thriving.

    These materials break down the information and highlight what is new, what is staying the same, and what’s next:


    Night Flights: Increasing Demand & Importance

    Toronto Pearson operates around-the-clock, seven days a week. Generally, only 3 per cent of our flights taking off and landing at Toronto Pearson occur between 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.

    The number of flights permitted at night is capped annually under an agreement with Transport Canada, which has been in place since 1997. We call this the budget. Toronto Pearson is the only North American airport with a budget.

    We have worked responsibly to manage within this budget. The budget, however, has not kept pace with today’s realities. There have been pressures for additional night flights for a number of reasons: greater connections with emerging global markets, technology advances that have turned one-stop flights into direct flights, ever-increasing trade, the evolving travel choices of our region’s ethnically diverse population and, quite simply, the growth of our regions’ population.

    To address this capacity challenge, in 2011 Toronto Pearson asked Transport Canada to update the way night flights are budgeted at our airport. Transport Canada has now approved an amendment to change how the annual budget is calculated. This request is the result of the 2011 Night Flight Outreach.


    View our full 2011 submission to Transport Canada - including comments from residents and stakeholders.

    For questions about Toronto Pearson’s Noise Management Program, including the Night Flight Restriction Program, please call: (416) 247-7682 or email: community.engagement@gtaa.com.

    You're the reason why we take our community responsibilities so seriously–because the choices we make every day have an impact on each and every passenger, employee and neighbour of Toronto Pearson.

    We constantly ask ourselves what the implications of our operations are, how we can do better and in what ways our community will benefit.

    This is why we're growing our Community Relations program. We believe that by understanding more about our business, you can help us be a better neighbour.