• Baggage & Pets

    Transporting Animals

    If you’re travelling with an animal, transporting an animal via cargo, or receiving an animal from a foreign country, please contact the airline and/or freight forwarder of your choice located at either the Cargo West Facilities or Cargo Area 5. Importing an animal into Canada? Consult the information published by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).


    For the comfort of all passengers, pets are not permitted inside any terminal buildings unless they are:

    • service animals; or
    • animals travelling through Toronto Pearson (these must be kept in a kennel at all times).


    Pet Relief Zones

    We provide comfortable spaces for dogs to relieve themselves.


    • Terminal 1, departures level: exit curbside doors at Aisle 15 and turn right
    • Terminal 1 ground level: exit curbside door S and turn right
    • Terminal 3, arrivals level: exit curbside door A and turn left


    • Terminal 1, domestic departures, near the Airport Information kiosk
    • Terminal 3, domestic/international departures, near gate B26 behind the Relay store

    Toronto Pearson is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all of our guests – including our four-legged friends. However, only travelling pets are permitted inside the terminals, and for their safety and comfort they must be in a kennel at all times.



    Shipping Other Items

    If you’re shipping or expecting items by air, contact the airline and/or freight forwarder located at either the Cargo West Facilities  or Cargo Area 5. Your airline will let you know what steps to follow.

    Cargo West Facilities
    Manager, Leasing
    Greater Toronto Airports Authority
    Toronto Pearson International Airport
    P.O.Box 6031, 3111 Convair Drive
    Toronto AMF, Ontario L5P 1B2
    Tel:(416) 776-5187

    Cargo Area 5
    VISTA Cargo Centres Inc.
    6500 Silver Dart Drive
    P.O.Box 223
    MIssissiauga, Ontario L5P 1B1
    Tel:(905) 676-4047

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