• The better we move, the greater we become

    Get us moving

    Transit is the lifeblood of a region. Being able to move seamlessly through our cities connects us to the many opportunities that come from living here. But as our population grows to 9.6 million, with almost 85 million travellers passing through Toronto Pearson by 2037, moving better with transit connections is crucial. It’s part of the solution to our economic, energy, and the environmental challenges.

    Reducing congestion

    That’s why we’re building a brand new regional transit and passenger centre—a “Union Station West”—that will connect the GO, UP Express, Mississauga Transitway, Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Finch West LRT and more with Toronto Pearson International Airport.

    By allowing more people from across the region to reach Toronto Pearson without cars, we’ll reduce vehicle congestion in the surrounding region, and create a smoother end-to-end experience for passengers travelling to the airport. This means less time sitting in traffic, and lower CO2 emissions.

    Accelerating our economy and innovation

    Toronto Pearson already provides a huge piece of Ontario’s economic engine, supporting $42 billion of the province’s GDP per year—almost 6 per cent.

    Expanding transit connections will attract more business and talent, help our region thrive as a hotbed of innovation, encourage greater foreign investment, and enable more local businesses to export globally. This means connecting our neighbourhoods to almost 850,000 new jobs and creating a more resilient economy for the entire region.

    Enriching our communities

    Diversity is our strength, and it will only grow with better transit. By connecting our different communities, we’ll enable a greater cross-pollination of people, ideas and talents—allowing our arts and culture to thrive.

    For more information on the new Toronto Pearson regional transit and passenger centre, follow us for the latest updates.